47593 "Galloway Princess"and 47805  {D1935 "Roger Hosking MA 1925-2013). pass horse Cove with the 1Z70 06:08 York to Penzance "Cornish Riviera Statesman"

Welcome to my photo site.We all know what a fickle hobby this is with early starts and long drives only to be done by cloud at the last second, stilll when it all comes together it all seems very worthwhile.Being a Captain in the Merchant Navy gives me good opportunities when Iam at home on leave however the weather usually scuppers me for many a working.Still as the assistant says "if you don't try you wont get anything".
Or to put it another way
Sometimes you bite the Bear..... but sometimes the Bear.........

Hope you enjoy looking and if you see us linside do come over and say hello.

Ron Westwater